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Latest Etawah Travel Leads for Travel Agents on TripClap

Destination : Bisalpur to Etawah

People : 2 Adults 0 Children

Received date : 27 Jan 2022

Duration : 4 Days, 3 Nights

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Destination : Delhi to Etawah

People : 5 Adults 0 Children

Received date : 18 Jan 2022

Duration : 3 Days, 2 Nights

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Destination : Greater Noida to Etawah

People : 2 Adults 0 Children

Received date : 12 Jan 2022

Duration : 5 Days, 4 Nights

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Destination : Talcher to Etawah

People : 2 Adults 0 Children

Received date : 23 Dec 2021

Duration : 5 Days, 4 Nights

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Destination : Meerut City to Etawah

People : 3 Adults 0 Children

Received date : 15 Dec 2021

Duration : 3 Days, 2 Nights

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Destination : Palej to Etawah

People : 2 Adults 0 Children

Received date : 11 Dec 2021

Duration : 4 Days, 3 Nights

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Destination : Amritsar to Etawah

People : 5 Adults 0 Children

Received date : 09 Dec 2021

Duration : 4 Days, 3 Nights

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Types of Travel Leads of Etawah at TripClap

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Tour Package

Tour Package Leads for Etawah - are the leads in which a traveler requires a full tour package for his leisure trip to Etawah. It includes accommodation, sightseeing, transport, and additional activities. At Tripclap we deal only with Tour Package leads for Etawah.

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Hotel only

Hotel only lead for Etawah - are the travel leads to Etawah in which a traveler wants to book only the hotel at Etawah. It can be a hotel/apartment/lodge/camp/hostel etc. We at tripclap receive only few such leads

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Transport only

Transport only lead for Etawah - are the travel leads to Etawah in which a traveler wants to book only the transport i.e bus/train/car for traveling from his city to Etawah. Majority of such leads comprise of inter-state cab leads.

How we generate travel leads for Etawah?

There are two ways with which a tripclap generates travel leads for Etawah. These are:

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - we promote Etawah as the best travel destination in India on different digital platforms to generate travel leads for Etawah of interested travelers. We promote our travel partners too in these platforms. Some of the platforms which we use are - Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc

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Google Search

Google Search - we promote Etawah Travel Destination on our website Tripclap in multiple pages across several sections including tour packages, news, stories, places, tour guides etc. Our website ranks on google search and we generate enquiries of interested travelers to Etawah via enquiry form and chatbot.


What are travel leads to Etawah

Etawah Travel lead is a requirement of a traveler to go on a leisure trip to Etawah. A Etawah travel lead has atleast these 3 details

  1. a. When to travel
  2. b. How many people traveling
  3. c. For how many days trip will continue
Therefore, if a requirement answers these 3 questions, then we can call it a travel lead to Etawah. Besides these questions our verification team also captures more detail from travelers like - hotel category, whatsapp availability, best time to call etc. We aim to bring best travel leads to Etawah on our portal so that we can help our travel agents create the best itinerary for Etawah for travelers in minimum effort.

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How to buy a travel leads to Etawah from TripClap?

There are mainly 2 ways you can buy a travel lead for Etawah from TripClap.

  1. a. Pay per lead
  2. b. Subscription

Pay Per Lead - You pay fixed fee to every Etawah travel lead you pick from our marketplace portal i.e Registration on portal is free and you can see the whole list of Etawah Travel leads after logging in.
Subscription - In this model travel companies pay a fixed monthly/annual rental to TripClap and we provide a fixed number of Etawah travel leads to the travel company/agent. Drawback of this model is that the travel companies/agencies don't have the liberty of picking the travel leads of their choice.

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Parameters captured in a Etawah travel lead

It's an ongoing process. We continuously improve on the parameters which needs to be asked from travelers to generate a verified Etawah Travel Leads. However there are some parameters which form a part of a Etawah travel lead form. These can be classified in three broad categories

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Personal information parameters

Personal information parameters - are personally identifiable information of a traveler who enquires or fills up the enquiry form to generate travel lead to Etawah. Following forms these parameters

  1. 1. Name
  2. 2. Email
  3. 3. Mobile
  4. 4. City/Country

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Etawah Trip Details information parameters

Trip Details information parameters - are those information which contains the tour preferences of a traveler. Although there is no limit to these parameters as they are subjective and depends on the type of travel-lead, however following parameters are the minimum set of parameters which we capture:

  1. 1. Travel Date
  2. 2. Duration of trip
  3. 4. Number of people traveling

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Extra Information

Extra Information - are those information which helps a travel agency/company customize the Etawah tour package for a customer. These parameters are something which we generally verify personally as it impacts the cost of the complete tour package to Etawah. Although these vary as per the destination and requirement but here are some important ones:

  1. 1. Hotel category
  2. 2. Flight Tickets booked
  3. 3. Best time to call
  4. 4. Honeymoon inclusions required

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